The Fun of Riding in a Maybach S560


On the outside the Mercedes Maybach may look more inconspicuous compared to other luxury vehicles such as the Bentley or the Rolls-Royce, but once you open the door a whole other world greets you.  You’ll enter the Narnia of the limousine industry.  From plush leather seating, to leg space built for an NBA star – this vehicle is sure to “wow” you every time!
This car is a true rarity as it stopped being made back in 2012, and only just started to be produced once again.  These are the cars of celebrities, from Jay Leno to Woody Allen, and Rihanna.  She loves hers so much she even raps about the Maybach!
The reason it is so popular with the celebrities is because of some of the finer details it offers.  It may look like a Mercedes-Benz S-Class at first glance but if you look deeper you’ll see the intricacies added to this luxury vehicle.  Plus, anything worth over $200K must be amazing right?