Limo Vs. Uber



Limos have been around for ages compared to the rising Uber App.  The sharing economy is rapidly expanding and is becoming popular among millennials and baby boomers alike.  However, it seems to be expanding without concern to local laws, regulations, and business practices.  While the limo industry has been established for many years following a complex system of rules and regulations it seems that the sharing economy, especially with apps like Lyft and Uber, has seemed to skip over these preliminary steps in search of cheap convenience.

While there is something to be said about ease of booking and affordability – the question to ask is if it is all worth what you’d be giving up with a more traditional limo company?  Let’s be honest, if you look at Uber their basic business model is a ride sharing app.  How is that different than picking up a hitchhiker and asking them for gas money?  Just because it is organized by a computer to match hitchhikers with fellow drivers doesn’t make the ride sharing app equivalent to a traditional limo service in the least.  Following, I’m going to detail a whole host of hospitality that you’d miss if you were to book with uber rather than a specialized limo service.

1.       Customer Service & Dispatchers

One of the best reasons to take a limo is that you will be able to go from point a to point b without having to worry about the hassle or the stress of driving.  The customer service that is provided is unparalleled to anything you’d be able to find on your phone.  From making the reservation, to confirming the schedule, all the way to your driver opening the door for you; limo service just can’t be beat.  There is always a human on the line for you to answer any questions or to resolve any last-minute concerns.

Not to mention, there is a real live dispatcher on the ready for every trip.  It isn’t just a computer that sends a random car to your home to pick you up.  We ensure that our drivers are on the road and able to accommodate any of your specific needs.

2.       Personalized Service

As we mentioned, our limo drivers can ensure that your specific needs are met for every trip you take.  If you need to make a quick stop at the bank – no problem, they’ll find a way to work it out for you.  If your reservation was accidentally input improperly, no problem the destination can change – unlike the typical Uber app where most of the time the drivers refuse to make any changes in itinerary and you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere short $15 dollars for nothing.

When you get into an uber and they offer water and candy you think – nice I’ve gotten lucky! With a limo, however, you’ll be sure to have whatever refreshments or extras that you’re hoping for.  Your trip will be personalized just for you and your driver will be trained with the highest standards of hospitality.

3.       Liability & Insurance

While it might not seem like a big deal to a passenger, insurance is something that is regulated within the limousine and transportation industry.  This is important because for some unknown reason it seems that Uber and ride share apps get to skip that step completely.  In commercial vehicles there is a requirement to have insurance up to 5million, where as your uber driver can have some of the worst insurance on the market.  While this doesn’t make a difference to you in the day to day transport, in case something does happen such as an accident or an injury, it will make a difference what insurance is being provided.

4.       Rules & Regulations

There are many rules and regulations limo companies must follow to be licensed and allowed to operate under the US DOT (Department of Transportation).  From having a class B license to getting passenger endorsements, commercial or livery plates, and passing all sorts of inspections; there is a lot that goes into running a limo company legally.  These are also the sorts of regulations that companies like Uber and Lyft don’t seem to have to abide by.  However, these are all very important rules because they are in place to protect the passenger and ensure their safety.

5.       On-time guaranteed

Have you ever waited… and waited… and waited… for an uber driver only to see they are still 30 minutes away? I sure have experienced that – especially in Boston rush hour traffic!  I’ve waited up to an hour before since I don’t want to be charged a cancellation fee! But wouldn’t it be nice if your car was ready when you left work or the event? We think so too!  With limousines you specify the time you want to leave, and we’ll do the rest.  Punctuality is one our biggest priorities, so don’t get stuck waiting around for a driver that is lost and will make you late to your next appointment.

6.       Background Checked Drivers

You wouldn’t hop into the back seat of a stranger’s car, so why would you put yourself at the same type of risk with a rideshare app?  Who knows if these drivers have been background checked, they could be anyone! With a limo company you can rest assured that our drivers go through extensive background checks, trainings, and are truly professionals.  They know how to deal with any situation that you might face, and even better – they’re knowledgeable about the roads and traffic.  That is something Uber drivers can’t compete with as they’re stuck using their application provided maps to take you to your destination; often missing short cuts or better routes.


7.       Wont refuse jobs/cancel unexpectedly

You open your app, see that it’s predicting that you’ll get to your destination in 15 minutes.  You text your business partner your estimated time of arrival. Two minutes later your phone buzzes.  Your Uber driver cancelled because they decided it was time for them to go home and they didn’t feel like driving anymore.  You then must wait to be reassigned to another driver and this adds another 15 minutes to your trip – effectively making you late. 

This isn’t a worst-case scenario, it happens all the time and its not something you should just accept.  When you book with us, we ensure you get where you need to be come rain or shine, sleet or snow it is our responsibility to transport you safely, comfortably, and efficiently.  We don’t just refuse jobs or cancel unexpectedly, it is unprofessional, and we won’t stand by it.

8.       Will wait for you

Don’t worry, we don’t mind waiting too!  You forgot your bag inside? No problem! You need to grab a quite bite first? No problem! You need to wait for a friend? No problem! When you rent a limo, our time is yours!  We won’t drive off just because you are behind schedule and we have a 5-minute wait limit.

So, I ask again – is it worth giving all these other important pieces of your travels up to have cheap and convenient rides? If the answer is no – don’t worry, we’re with you! You can easily book with New Sun International Travel online with a click of a button!

Travel like a Professional!