How to Stay Safe in a Limo



While our aim is to always provide a fun and enjoyable experience to all our customers that ride in our limos – our biggest priority is safety.  Here are just a few tips on how to stay safe on your next limo ride.  We hope that this allows you to put your mind at ease a little bit before your next trip:

1.       Research the Company

Make sure that the company you choose to travel with is registered with the US DOT and follows the regulations and doesn’t have any outstanding compliance violations.  Also, check to make sure they have a high value insurance policy – many commercial vehicles are supposed to have insurance policies of 5 million dollars. These days many limo companies do not actually own their vehicles but rather broker out other vehicles with a mark-up.  While not all these companies are dangerous, it makes it unclear as to who possesses the proper certifications and insurance for the trips.  In case of an accident it is unclear to the customer as to who is liable as they are unaware of what company is providing the service, only the name of the broker.

2.       Check the Driver’s License

Unlike Uber and Lyft, limo drivers are professionals.  They are required to possess a special type of drivers license specifically for chauffeuring customers for pay.  For extra safety check to make sure that your driver has a commercial drivers license.  You can typically do this through the company from which you are renting the limo.

3.       Make Sure Passengers Won’t Cause Trouble (Especially for Children)

After you’ve made sure your driver is properly certified to make the trip – think about the safety concerns of your passengers.  Do you have a rowdy friend that tends to get riled up at parties? Or does your child’s prom group have any trouble makers?  These are factors to consider as misbehaved individuals can cause distraction to the driver or injure themselves, especially if they are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

4.       Don’t Get Too Intoxicated

As mentioned, while it maybe fun to have a wild party on your limo or party bus – heavily intoxicated individuals can be a safety hazard.  They are a safety hazard to themselves and may injure themselves.  They are also a distraction for the driver.  Potentially they endanger other passengers.  Plus, no one wants someone to vomit in the limo.  You’ll be charged a hefty cleaning fee and it’ll be sure to put a damper on your night.  Thus – the best suggestion is to be responsible with your alcohol.

5.       Never Lean Out Windows or Sun Roofs

This goes without saying, but occasionally, you see a news article where someone unfortunately lost their life by falling out of a limousine.  This is extremely avoidable and shouldn’t happen.  Many limo companies have rules that when children are in the cars all windows, sunroofs, and other buttons are locked with dividers down.  It is up to adults however to ensure that they stay safe too.

6.       Use Seatbelts or Safety Devices

If the bus or limo you are on provides seatbelts or other safety devices, use them.  Just because you’re in a limo doesn’t change the fact that you’re driving on the road at high speeds.  Seatbelts save lives and incase something happens on accident you’ll be safer using the safety devices provided.

7.       Avoid Distracting the Driver

While our drivers might be cool and friendly, it is always best not to distract the driver.  If you have a question here and there or need some advice for travelling around the city – ask away.  However, our driver can’t and shouldn’t join the party with you – in which case try your best not to distract them.

8.       Let Someone Know About Your Itinerary

If you’re going on a long journey, it’s always best to let someone know where you’re going so that they have a good idea of where you are and should be.  It’s a basic precaution but it’s always good to have a safety contact.

9.       Keep A List of Emergency Numbers

Finally, we never want anything to happen to our customers, vehicles, or employees.  But these things can be unpredictable and so it’s always better to be prepared than to be caught off guard.  The trip organizer should keep a list of emergency numbers that you should contact in case something happens.


Overall, these are some of the best tips you can use to stay safe in your next limo ride.  New Sun provides you safe, comfortable, and luxury limo & bus services.  Our company has been in operation certified and insured since 2010 and our drivers have all the proper licenses and requirements to ensure you have a safe trip.  If you want to book a trip with us just go to the “quote” section and you’ll find a list of the cars we rent along with their prices.

Safe Travels!