Creating the Perfect Travel Itinerary

It’s always an exciting time when you’re planning your upcoming travels – big or small, domestic or international, corporate or leisure.  You’re searching for hotels on one site, car rentals on another, and looking for restaurants on a third app.  It can all get confusing if you don’t manage it all properly, or worse – it can lead to your plans getting cancelled.  Planning is the most important part to travel and creating the perfect travel itinerary is the best place to start. So below, I’ll list the 5 ways that you can make sure you’ll have the perfect vacation.

1.       Do Your Research

Research doesn’t have to be limited to your local library.  While guidebooks can be helpful at selecting a destination and understanding the location in which you are travelling; many are outdated and have information that is no longer relevant.  We are in the technology age, it’s time to break out your laptop and get typing!

There are many different types of online resources these days and they range from:

·         Company Websites – To book directly

·         Online Travel Agencies – Such as Expedia &

·         Opaque Booking Sites – Such as where you bid on a hotel type but can’t see the name of the hotel

·         Travel Wholesalers – offering the most discounted rates available

·         Metasearch – such as Kayak and Trivago comparing prices across the board

·         Review Sites - such as TripAdvisor & Yelp!

·         Social Media – Asking your friends for their opinions

By tapping into the resources, you have online you are almost certain to find the best deals every time!  If you don’t want to spend time researching however, skip to tip #2.

2.       Get Some Help

Travel can be complicated and time consuming.  From comparing rates on five different sites to understanding a website in a foreign language – there are certain things better left to the professionals.  Luckily, the travel industry has a whole host of specialized professional travel agents there to help you though every step of the way.

You can find agents that specialize in group tours, international travel, destination events, and so much more.  If you spend a little on having a travel agent create your itinerary you can rest easy that your itinerary is flawless.  To find a travel agency these days, as many brick & mortar shops have closed, its best to do a search online.  Plus, that way you’ll know that they are specialists in the location you want to travel.

Moreover, travel agents, as they are professionals in the travel industries can easily find the cheapest flights and tickets which might save you a lot of money, let alone time and hassle.  You might walk out of there with the best value you could receive.

3.       Consider Your Timing

Time is money – and that is very true when you’re traveling as well.  Your timing can affect everything from if you’ll make your flight or not to the rates that you are getting on your hotel room.  To ensure you are getting the best deal and creating the perfect itinerary consider what time you’d like to arrive, depart, and do your activities.  Many times, if you take a flight earlier or later in the day or even just a day before or after the price can change dramatically.  Take advantage of this if you have a little flexibility in your travels; you’ll be sure to save a lot of money here if you do.

Also, make sure that you’re not scheduling activities too tight.  Take into consideration unexpected hiccups as well as traffic and delays.  It would be too bad to book the perfect trip, just to miss your key flight because you booked the layover too short.  Understanding a little extra time to cushion your plans is always the best way to go.  Plus, if you end up with too much time on your hands it’ll give you some extra “ME” time – be it napping, researching the city, or catching up with friends.

4.       Book in Advance

Much like tip #3 – time is of the essence.  While there are times you can score a good deal by booking everything last minute, it also could lead to serious disaster.  For example, the airline could put a last-minute fee on the tickets, the hotel of your dreams is sold out, there are no more reservations at that great local restaurant.  The negatives are endless and just add stress to your travels.  Instead, by planning ahead and booking in advance you’ll ensure that your itinerary will go just as planned (for the most part).

5.       Don’t Forget About Transportation

Finally, this seems like something that is just common sense but when travelling to a new place it could be one of the biggest oversights of the trip!  If you currently live in a city and you’re travelling abroad you might think – no big deal I’ll just take a subway, or taxi, or an Uber.  Wrong!

Unless you’re travelling to a large city, in a lot of destinations these options don’t exist.  What would you do then?  Rent a car?  Maybe.  However, if you’re from a foreign country and don’t know the driving laws of the destination you are travelling to would that be the best idea? Probably not.

These days there are many companies, such as New Sun International Travel Inc. that provide cheap transportation by professional chauffeurs in many different types of cars.  You could choose from a Bentley Flying Spur if you’re feeling fancy to a larger vehicle such as a Mercedes Sprinter.  Making sure you’re able to get to every destination without worry – this is the best option.  You’ll never have to figure out how a foreign subway system works, nor try to explain to a foreign taxi driver where to take you.  You’ll be able to let your mind rest with confirmed chauffeured transportation for your entire trip.  It’ll be just one more thing you won’t have to worry about when creating your perfect itinerary.

Happy Travels!